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Golf Car Ranch Re-manufactured Program Inspections & Service for Electric Golf Carts.
(This program does not apply to all golf carts in inventory)

  • Inspect Frame for damage and/or defects 
  • Inspect Main Control Wiring Harness for faults and Abrasions
  • Connect IQDM Computer to Controller, Check for Faults, Motor Revs, Throttle %,
  • Set speed, acceleration and motor braking functions to customer’s specifications (NOTE: not to exceed 19.5 MPH)
  • Inspect battery hold downs, battery rods & tray for damage or excessive wear, replace parts as required
  • Inspect All body trim
  • Inspect steering column & yoke for play 
  • Inspect front wheel bearings
  • Inspect gear oil level in rear differential and check for leaks
  • Inspect front and rear bushings on leaf springs and control arms for damage or wear
  • Inspect ball joints, tie rods and steering components
  • Inspect, clean & adjust brakes
  • Inspect & adjust front end alignment if needed
  • Inspect all fittings & attachments for proper tightness and assembly
  • Test drive & check all functions
  • Perform final computer & controller diagnostics and check for faults
  • Quality Assurance Technician inspects golf car for completion to customer’s order
  • Clean golf car and make ready for delivery



NOTE: All parts showing moderate wear or greater are replaced at the time of inspection.  We make every golf car we refurbish at least 93% brand new.  When purchasing a car from the Golf Car Ranch, you understand that although each golf car has been fully reconditioned there will still be parts and accessories that will have minor scratching and show use.