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Battery Charger, Lester Summit Series II, 36-48V Auto Ranging Voltage 13-27A

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Battery Charger, Lester Summit Series II, 36-48V Auto Ranging Voltage 13-27AMP

 The next generation of Golf Cart Smart Battery Chargers

This switch mode (high frequency) industrial battery charger features advanced charge and termination algorithms designed to optimize both daily battery capacity and overall battery life.  The charger is convection cooled with no moving parts, sealed, and designed to provide maximum reliability.  The universal AC input enables the charger to be used with a wide range of AC voltages and frequencies, and the charger includes high efficiency and power factor correction.

Interface features of the charger include four (4) LEDs and an external port for both Controller Area Network (CAN) communication and a remote panel-mounted LED.

The 48V and 36V charger models are also capable of automatic multi-voltage DC charging, which Enables automatic DC output voltage detection and adjustment based on the battery pack connected to it.

The charger features Bluetooth® wireless communication, which enables a smart phone or tablet running the ChargerConnect™app to be used to

:View the real-time charge cycle status

Download charge cycle history records from the charger

Upload charge cycle history records to the Cloud for access anywhere in the world

Select the active battery profile

Download new battery profiles from the Cloud

Upload battery profiles to the charger

Note: The ChargerConnect app is available for Apple® iOS and Android phones and tablets

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